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Have you seen those small mp3 look a likes well those are called pedometers. Pedometers measure the number of steps you have taken and this can help you calculate the caloric lose. Now here is how if you have a pedometer you can set your self a task, if you walk for instance 10,000 steps a day you can try adding 100 more steps the next day. But if you do not keep a track of how much you have walked this might be a problem.

omronpedometerhj720itc 1 257x300 The Pedometer World   Run Or Walk 15 + PoundsThe new pedometers can even play songs while they calculate you walking. Check out the stores now for the most latest ones. The pedometer can be used with any type of clothing, it just sticks like a walkman or an I phone.

Mini Pedometer W Clock 20090785870 150x150 The Pedometer World   Run Or Walk 15 + PoundsIt is always important to keep a track of your weight loss progress your self. For instance if you have a pedometer not only can you keep a track of the miles walked, you can see your weekly or monthly workout regime your self. It is important to keep the calories and your working schedule under watch.

omron walking style pro pedometer 150x150 The Pedometer World   Run Or Walk 15 + PoundsIt has been proven that with more than 2500 calories burnt a week you can lose up to a kg a week. But if you burn more calories a week, with a low calorie diet menu and proper workout you can lose way more. People have had miraculous stories, but the key to all this motivation and the right information.

So instead of thinking about buying a pedometer or just walking without keeping a track of your steps go to the market today and buy your self a pedometer. You can also try buying a one which has a heart rate monitor installed since, the higher the heart rate the more calories from fat will be burnt. Also you should know the your optimum heart rate. Which can be easily found on any website.

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